Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) in Government of India has introduced e-waste rules (Management and Handling) effective from 1st may 2012. These rules are applied to every producer(s), consumer(s) or bulk consumer(s) involved in the manufacture, selling & purchase and processing of electrical & electronic equipment or components, collection centre(s), dismantler(s) and recycler(s) of e-waste.

Every department of Central/State Government, public sector undertaking, banks, educational institution, multinational organizations, international agencies and private companies that are registered under the Factories Act 1948 and Companies Act 1956 are called as Bulk Consumer. First and foremost, as per the e-waste rule a bulk consumer has to ensure that the e-waste generated by them should be channelized to authorized collection centers, registered dismantler or a recycler.
If not, then the same should be returned to the producer through its pick up or take back services or through its collection points. Secondly, the bulk consumer has to maintain records of e-waste generated by them in Form 2 and make such records available for scrutiny to SPCBs/PCCs whenever demanded

Greeniva Recycler Pvt. Ltd. work closely with OEMs to help them meet their EPR duties and obligations. We help them in developing ideas that could meet their requirements in terms of fulfilling compliance, adhering to data security, balancing cost and environment sustainability as well.

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